Thursday, March 14, 2013


I finally managed this week to spend some time thinking about our windows, and talking to suppliers to arrange (or update) their quotes. There's a lot to think about here - frames and the materials we're allowed to use, glazing (thickness, single/double glazing, clear / low-e), mesh screens, fire shutters, external flashing...

I know now why I've been putting this off for so long :)

The end result though is that because we're classified as BAL-FZ and we're required to install stainless mesh and steel shutters and 2mm steel flashing over the external timber faces, the species timber we're allowed to use in the frames is unrestricted. This brings the cost down a bit, as we can use common KDHW (typically Vic Ash or Meranti) in place of more fire-resistant, more expensive species such as turpentine or red ironbark.

I like reducing costs :)

I also like the fact that at least one supplier (our favoured at this point, based on the questions they've asked us in order to quote) is suggesting they can deliver frames with only a two to three week lead time. That means that if I can get off my bum and get an order placed, I could have the frames on site the week after Easter.

Not long! :)

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