Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm back!

It's been an unusual couple of weeks between drinks! After leaving the site feeling thoroughly overwhelmed by the build on the Labour Day long weekend, I've had some time to recharge, spend with the family and generally leave a semi-normal existence.

If by normal that means making a mad dash to Sydney and back in two days to pick up some .. err, building materials, then it's been normal :)

It has however been just what the doctor ordered, and I'm feeling good again about getting stuck back into the building.  Just as well, with the Easter long weekend fast approaching and a heap of rather tricky Hebel panels to install - thankfully, my brother Gareth is coming down from Sydney (again!!) to help, so we actually stand half a chance of getting it done.

In other building news, I spoke to the window supplier today to accept their quote (and wave goodbye to the thick end of twenty grand) and so those wheels are now in motion. I have to say that I'm quite impressed by these guys, they certainly know their stuff and haven't blinked at the complexity of our requirements being in BAL-FZ. They've asked to meet early next week too to discuss and confirm all the little details, which definitely inspires confidence.

So with any luck, we'll have an order on the go on Tuesday!

There should be a flurry of activity now after Easter, and an equally impressive flurry of dollars flying out the door...


  1. Hey Simon,
    Great to see how far the build is coming along. That's a lot for windows - but is that all-inclusive? (windows,screens and shutters?)or just windows? How many windows are there? (I'm in the process of looking for windows.)

  2. Hi TC,

    Ummm.. no, that's _just_ for windows. No shutters or screens; they have to be sourced and paid for separately.

    To be fair, the glazing requirements are pretty complex (sashless double-hung, toughened, double-glazed and low-E), they'll be absolutely gorgeous and there are 18 of them.. so I'm actually not too unhappy about paying ~$1000 per instance. That's a small fraction of the quote we got from Paarhammer...