Monday, March 11, 2013

Beaten by the heat

I spent the day on Saturday getting stuck into finishing off the little Hebel details that were skipped in the interest of speed when we were putting up the walls, and the cladding for the triangular wall sections in the garage roof.

Since I already had the Hebel cut for the window infills, I started with these and made up a frame to sit in the window opening, upon which I can rest the Hebel block rather than trying to heft it and screw it into place.

With that done I turned my attention to cladding the wall section at the end of the vaulted roof. First up, the battens:

.. then the panels.

Unfortunately as soon as I started my Triton circular saw (to which I fitted new brushes a couple of weeks ago) it was obvious that its problem is far more serious than just the brushes. With no load, it only developed about half the revs it usually would and struggled badly when asked to cut the Hebel. After attempting a couple of cuts I gave up, wary of the strong electrical smell...

So with my only means of cutting Hebel out of action, I made a dash to Seymour to pick up a cheap replacement from the hardware store. Problem: they don't have any 235mm saws in stock and there's nowhere else in town...

Off to Broadford then.

Dammit, they don't have any either! This is going to get difficult...

There's a big Mitre 10 store in Kilmore, but rather than drive over there I called them. Just as well, they don't have any either!

Thankfully Alissa and the kids were on their way up, so Alissa made a stop at Bunnings on the way and picked up a cheapie Ozito, albeit with a 3 year replacement warranty. I reckon I can kill it lots sooner than that... :)

With the new saw I did manage to get the triangular section fully clad, but shifting even these half panels by myself is deadly, especially on the roof. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the gable end sections by myself...

With the family on site and friends visiting on Sunday, I did basically nothing on the building and come Monday morning with the heat I basically ran out of energy and enthusiasm, spat the dummy and packed up for home.

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