Saturday, February 23, 2013

The south roof/wall

So I spent all day today finishing off the triangular wall section at the south end of the roof. This has been without a doubt, one of the most difficult and frustrating bits of the build so far, mainly because I left my thinking about the design of this part of the building too late. Had I thought ahead a little, this would have been much, much easier...

As it was, at the end of Friday I had the basic frame erected and ready to sheet with ply. The problem however is that in order to permanently fix the frame into position, I need to gang-nail-plate a stud at each end of the frame to provide load bearing support. Unfortunately, as I've already built the structure around it I can't get one side of the studs fixed off without taking the frame down first.

So that's what I've spent




There are two problems - the frame is heavy, by my estimate 80kg or so with ply sheeting on one side, and it's a very awkward shape already, without having the studs attached at either end. These make manoeuvring the frame virtually impossible, especially by myself.

I attempted to stand the frame up for hours before I basically gave up. I don't give up easily :)

I sat here looking at it for a while, thinking of ways to get it to stand up before I decided that stubbornness is a virtue, and I tried something different.

It worked :)

After much sweat and many, many very carefully chosen words I finally got the completed frame into position and within another hour or two it was sheeted off and fixed permanently, and the roof sheets installed as well.

A good result, I'm loving seeing the finished roof taking shape!

Putting this up has definitely consumed all my available motivation for this weekend though, so tomorrow I intend to spend a quiet day at home with the kids after their swimming races in the morning.

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