Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Hebel this weekend, then

I can't say I'm all that unhappy about it, but I'll not be doing much Hebel-ing this weekend, for the simple reason that my faithful old circular saw is still not fixed.

It turns out that Triton (an Australian company which developed a bunch of very cool woodworking tools and benches over the years) was acquired by GMC several years ago, and then not long afterwards GMC went BANG, taking Triton with them.

Which means finding spare parts for my saw is turning out to be an exercise in futility, at least in Australia. Kingchrome have apparently taken over the brand here, but do not yet have access to parts for "legacy" Triton tools such as mine.

I have however found a website operating out of the UK who stock the brushes, so I've ordered them there and will now wait for them to arrive. Until then, I get to focus on jobs other than Hebel - you can hear the disappointment from miles away... ;)

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