Friday, February 22, 2013

Finishing the roof

The plan to weekend is to try and finish off the garage roof. With summer winding up, we're starting to see a bit of rain and with nothing protecting the plywood on the roof it won't last very long in repeated rain.

When I started sheeting the roof we'd not had any rain in 4 months, and now in the last two weeks we've had three heavy storms of an inch of rain each - I arrived last night to lightning flashing all around, followed by a torrential deluge. Sleep? Nah...

This morning I started by finishing screwing down the ply I'd already installed. For some reason last weekend I managed to break three screwdriver bits so I ended up preserving my last one and only putting enough screws in to hold the sheet down, so that job needed finishing today.

After that, a couple more sheets went down to provide a working platform for my next job, the plywood box beams for the triangular wall sections.

I'd done all my drawings in SketchUp for these during the week, but of course I managed to leave my laptop at home and so I've had to go back to drawing in pencil and paper, Pythagoras and a calculator.
It's slow going but not a bad result! :)

Since I've had to measure everything by hand, I wasn't game to fully assemble the frame before hefting it into place for a test fitting, so I spent an hour or so setting up trestles and lifting it up. I may have only dropped it once... maybe twice...

In the end I have it in place, and it fits! I'm buggered if I'm going to lift it back down to finish assembling it, so I'm doing it in place. It'll be a PITA fixing the ply bracing, but less painful than trying to lift the fully-assembled frame back into the sky.

A job for tomorrow.

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