Friday, February 8, 2013

Huge tracts of Hebel

My brother Gareth volunteered his weekend again (or more accurately, his wife permitted him :) ) to help out with the balance of the big Hebel. While the experience last weekend taught me that I probably could manage to move and install these panels myself, it would be slow, heavy and ultimately painful work solo and so I'm absolutely thrilled to have Gareth's help again.

He flew into Tullamarine around 10:30pm last night, so I picked him up on my way through to Tallarook so we are able to make an early start today.

Our morning has been spent actually making very little visible progress at all really. Much of the time is spent selecting and cutting panels to size, which we then transport over to the building on the bobfork in batches of three or four panels at a time. The Hebel is great material to work with in that it's relatively lightweight for what it is, and again relatively easy to cut, but it sure is dusty and even with a diamond-tipped blade in the circular saw, cuts are slow going. Then there's the rebar problem.. I have an incredible tendency to find the bars along my cut, which has caused one or two panels to be cut either too long or too short.. which will have to be corrected later when it comes time to patch the panels prior to rendering.

By lunchtime however we managed to get a few panels up. This time I decided to avoid skipping the pieces above and below the windows, which means more cutting and slow progress but I think the result is worth it. It's certainly easier getting the infill panels to fit...

Mid afternoon and we've got about half of the long garage wall done.

A few more hours, and quite a few beers and ciders later and this side is pretty much done. I'm really starting to get a sense for how the building will look when it's complete :)

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