Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's all but a roof!

Only a half day on site today, but I spent it well and got nearly all of the rest of the roofing ply down.

It was hot going today, especially on top of the reflective plywood in a black t-shirt (good thinking, that) but it's amazing what you'll put up with when the end is in sight :)

Still left to do is the little section over the garage entry at the far end of this pic which drops to meet the flat roof over the pump room. I'll wait to do that section until I resolve the detail of the triangular end wall sections.

Speaking of which, I had a word to Peter about these today and he made a good suggestion: sheet the existing truss with ply to strengthen it (it then effectively becomes a box beam, which is an extremely strong structure), then frame up a triangular section sheeted with ply as well (another box beam) to support the Hebel load.

I'll draw this up in Sketchup during the week and see how it feels. With any luck I might be able to get it built next weekend.

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