Saturday, November 30, 2013

Readying for bench tops

I've been busy preparing templates for the stonemason to supply the kitchen and vanity bench tops. We've chosen the material for these - it's a composite resin product which looks for all the world like real stone, but is really just crushed rock compressed and set in a resin and polished to an inch of its life. No photo's at this point :)

I have however set up the substrates on which the stone will sit, and cut the templates.

First, the bathroom vanity. We decided that since the rest of the building is somewhat unorthodox we should continue the theme and so chose a sink and tap slightly out of the ordinary. Although I suppose this type of thing is probably mainstream by now, but it's new to me :)

Alissa is the quintessential bargain hunter. The basin cost $80, and the tap $75!

With the bench top substrates in place, the kitchen is really starting to look the piece!

While I was there I also lined the pantry door unit. Starting to look good! :)

And one of the final pieces of the puzzle - one of the overhead cabinet units. I'm not going to mount this on the wall just yet for two reasons:

1. I can't be stuffed trying to figure out how to bring the bobcat inside so I could do it myself; and
2. I have a sneaking suspicion that installing the ceiling in the kitchen is already going to be a bit of a challenge with the bench tops in place.. so I think leaving the cabinet down until after I get that done is probably a good idea.

In other news, Barrie the renderer has been busy dodging the weather to get most of the base coat done.

It's starting to look really, really good!

He's back on Monday to finish the base coat and start with the colour, and he's left me an A4 sheet of things-to-be-done before he can get into it. So guess what I'll be busy doing for the rest of the weekend...

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