Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The rendering begins!

Barrie the Renderer finally arrived late Sunday evening all the way from Sale, after his GPS sent him on a wild goosechase to the Tallarook pub.

I'm not sure I believe that story ;)

But in any case, early Monday morning we got stuck into it. First up is to make the building look like the end of a roll of paper tape:

This is a wide fibreglass mesh tape which covers the joints between Hebel panels, to prevent any movement from causing the render to crack.

Then it' on with the mud!

The first section dry, starting to reveal what it's going to look like!

To use Barrie's rather colourful description: "She's coming up flat as f**k, it's going to look a million bucks!"

Gotta be happy with that :)

Barrie was expecting to stay on site for most of the week to get the whole first coat of render finished, but the weather's turned against us and so there's little point him hanging around. He'll be back in a week or so to complete the entire job. Can't wait to see how it comes up!


  1. Looking very good!!! - Do you have any photos of the window Hebel to Wood Frame detail and what plaster are you using, did you say mud - we would love to use a mud/lime plaster. FYI our blog is unfortuntly its a bit out of date... the roofs on and my next jobs are window sills, design-built-fit windows and then plaster. Cheers Ron.

    1. Hi Ron!

      I'm not sure I do have any good close photos of how the Hebel is detailed to the window frames, but I'll be sure to get some this weekend and post them up for you.

      The Hebel is being rendered with an acrylic cement render, not plaster. We've only got one base coat on two walls so far, as the weather turned sour while the renderer was here doing the job. I expect to have him back to finish it off next week.