Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kitchen assembly, day #2

I left off yesterday needing to dismantle the drawer unit slightly to reposition the top rail and respace the drawers. This didn't take very long and their positions now are much better. Using a 3mm nail to space the drawer fascia panels, I screwed them into place and the result is fantastic! (I learned later after speaking to the cabinet maker that 3mm was his design spacing - great minds! :) )

On with the handles!

It's starting to look like a kitchen!

Next up, the open cabinet beside the stove. This is a very straightforward unit - two shelves, no doors and a stone bench on top.

Oddly enough there are a couple of pieces left over with this one. I've been supplied a kick board and another piece I can't fathom, but there's nowhere for the kick to go - the bottom shelf is on the ground, which actually I'm a little concerned about as it will be a dirt magnet. I realise this is what was in the drawing I gave to the cabinetmaker, but it seems he's taken it literally and supplied the unit as 900 high rather than 750 like the others.

I'm also a little concerned about its length - the drawing I supplied was dimensioned from my 3D model, which differs ever-so-slightly from the built reality - and so the space for the oven comes in at 895mm, 5mm shy of its specified 900mm width. Here's hoping that's a nominal dimension and it's actually a little narrower...

On to the cabinet doors! First a mock fit-up to see where everything goes.

The first set I'm attacking are the doors for the 600-wide unit beside the drawers.

Careful placement of the handles 

.. and mounted on the hinges. It's right about now I realise that while centring the handles is aesthetically pleasing, it's not at all practical forcing you to bend over to reach the handle and open the door. D'oh!

Take #2. To avoid having to hide two sets of holes in the door, I've simply rotated the handle about the upper screw. This is a much more friendly position, and a couple of melamine dots render the holes virtually invisible to the casual eye.

The corner door concerns me. I've mocked up its position and there's a dirty big gap between the two doors under the sink. I'll have a chat to the cabinetmaker to see what he thinks.. I suspect at this stage that the doors are a fraction too narrow, but I'll reserve judgement until I speak to him.

Getting there!

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  1. Great work, I've just read close to 2 years of your posts. We are starting an owner builder house in Ballarat and it's great to see such detailed write ups!