Friday, November 29, 2013

Kitchen, day #3

With the bulk of the kitchen cabinets assembled, I'm getting ready to supply templates to the stonemason so he can supply the bench tops. But before I can do that, I need to make sure the oven fits in its allotted space.

Getting it onto the Hilux was relatively straightforward with two people, but I'm on site by myself and so unloading is rather more tricky.

Or it would be, if I didn't have the bobcat!

I have no idea how I would have managed to get this far with the build without it. I probably wouldn't have! :)

The obligatory unboxing photos:

.. and on legs and adjusted to height.

Setting the oven height to match that of the stone bench tops

This is a 900mm wide Euromaid gas/gas/gas oven/grill/hob. It turns out that you can fairly readily buy gas/gas oven/hob units, but finding something which also ran the grill on gas was a little more of a challenge.

The eagle-eyed observers will have noticed from the above photo that the open cupboard/shelf unit has changed a little bit since last week. This has happened for two reasons:

1. I'm an idiot;
2. I needed to shorten it slightly to allow the oven to fit; and
3. I'm an idiot.

You may remember last week I was mulling over the supply of two pieces I couldn't find a use for - the stainless-clad kick board, and another piece the same length but slightly narrower. These, naturally, are there to keep the bottom shelf off the ground. So when I put it back together again after shortening the shelves and backing board, this is the result:

That's more like it!!!

The likewise eagled-eyed observers will have also spotted something on the top of the Hilux in the first photo. This as it turns out is the sliding door unit for the kitchen pantry!

The opening I framed for this door was almost exactly spot on, but with one important shortcoming. I had set the header height to 2080mm, the same as for the other doors in the building. However, the sliding door is 2040mm high as usual, which means the frame unit has an additional 40mm in height to allow for the runner mechanism at the top. Which meant I had to knock out the header and jack studs, shorten the studs and put it all back again 40mm higher. In the end though, a nice neat fit!

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