Friday, June 14, 2013

Wiring, round #1

I had the electrician on site today to begin roughing in the wiring. We started upstairs since during the week Alissa & I managed to put together a good wiring plan, identifying all the spots we want power points, lights, switches, etc.

The wiring is all very conventional 240V - but I intend to use some very clever lights and other bits of technology. More about that later ;)

We've managed to get all the power in, all the lighting feeds and two runs out to the lights. There's a little more switched lighting wiring to go, maybe another hour or two's work and it's all done.

I still need to run data cabling around the place - I'm commandeering the top shelf of the linen cupboard and installing a patch panel and power points, so I can keep all the networking gear out of sight. I'll do that next week I think while Mr. Spark finishes off the lighting upstairs.

I'm running out of things to do upstairs now before we can begin lining the walls and ceiling... a good problem to have! :)

(Now, don't talk to me about the weather.. I've been trying to get a truckload of crushed rock onsite for the last three weeks, but it keeps raining!)

I'm also getting pretty close to my final solar system design, and I'm currently working the Internet hard to find suppliers of the various components. So far I've got the battery bank down below $10k, and solar panel prices down to around $1 per watt. I just need to find a sharp price on the SMA inverters, and I'm ready to push the 'buy' button!

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