Sunday, June 9, 2013

ONE garage door, mua-ha-ha-ha!

Today I finally made a start on the garage doors. I had planned to spend some time last night drawing up the steel frames in SketchUp, but I wasn't confident in my measurements of the frame opening and so I waited until this morning to re-measure (they were correct) and draw them up:

With my cut list finally worked out (it took all morning!) I finally set saw to steel around midday and cut all the pieces for two doors. It took about 4 hours of measuring, cutting, assembling, measuring again, grinding and trimming, measuring again, tack welding, measuring again and finally welding everything together to achieve this:

One door, 2.7m high by 1.7m wide. And whaddya know, all that measuring appears to have paid off as it looks like it'll fit! :)

With daylight rapidly diminishing I decided to keep ploughing ahead and cut a sheet of gal steel to fit, and started rivetting it on.

Since I have all the steel for the second door already cut, I should be able to get it assembled tomorrow and finish this one off, and if I'm really efficient I'll also get the timber frame in place in the second opening!

Yeah, right... :)

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