Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tank stand #1

Today's job was to build the first tank stand in behind the shipping container, to catch the bulk of the rainfall from the garage roof. First though I needed to route the drain from behind the retaining wall, as the tank will basically go right over the top of it.

Half an hour or so on the bobcat and presto, one trench.

Filled with gravel, and measuring up for the sleeper-on-ground frame:

To join the sleepers together I've cut lap joints with the chainsaw, and spiked them together with a 30cm length of 12mm reo bar.

I've used star pickets driven into the ground to keep the sleepers in position, and then filled between them with the 20mm crushed rock, screeded it level and ran over it with the vibrating whacker.

Voila, one tank stand!

With the rest of the truckload of gravel, I spent some time spreading it out in front of the garage to try and keep it from turning into a bog. I didn't notice at the time, but I must have just tapped the Hebel with the back of the bobcat, as there's a slight yellow smear right by the damage.


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