Saturday, June 29, 2013

Garage doors - slow going!

Damn, these doors are taking lots longer than I'd hoped...

I spent the whole day today finishing the steel cladding on door #1, welding on the hinges and hanging it.

I really had no idea how well it would fit - I made a bit of an allowance for the hinges and clearance in my measurements, and stuck to them pretty closely when I put the doors together - but to my immense relief it fits pretty bloody well!

It's slow, fiddly work though - and heavy, to boot. I've used 4 heavy hinges but I'm not convinced they're heavy enough. Time will tell whether or not the doors sag in the middle but for now I'm very happy with the fit. They'll even fold back perfectly flat against the wall - a lucky accident as it happens; I hadn't designed for this!

I'm not terribly thrilled with my chosen method of attaching the steel facing though - I'm using aluminium pop rivets, but I think I'll drill them all out and replace them with steel button head screws instead. The rivets hold OK when they're first fitted, but I can see that they'll probably weaken over time and its anyone's guess how they'd perform in the face of radiant heat. So it's probably wise to err on the more substantial side...

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