Friday, June 21, 2013

One faulty window

I noticed this a week or two ago and have been trying to get a good photo of it ever since, to present to the window company.

Basically, the large upstairs fixed double-glazed window unit has two problems:

  1. It's not been installed properly. One corner isn't seating against the frame correctly and there's a gap tapering up to 5mm  in the corner. Because the double-glaze edging is black you probably wouldn't notice this unless you were looking for it, but from outside it sticks out like the proverbial because the beading strip is very obviously not straight.
  2. Right in the middle at eye level, there are a handful of white dots on the inside of the double glazing. It's as if there was a couple of droplets of a liquid between the panes of glass and when they were separated to form the double glazed unit this has dried into a set of very visible dots at the same point on the inside of each pane of glass.
I could live with the installation problem, and I could live with the dots if they weren't smack bang in the middle at eye level... but I can't live with both. So this week I fired off the following photos to the supplier with a descriptive email, asking what we can do about them. I honestly didn't expect much - I thought I'd get an argument and shifting of blame.

In a massive surprise the rep didn't bat an eyelid and promised to have the unit replaced, no questions asked!

(Excuse the poor quality photo's - my proper camera was out of batteries, so these were taken with my phone!)

This was the easiest way to show the dots - force use of the flash and stick a sticker to the window to give the lens something to focus on.

If you squint you can see the beading tapering out as it gets higher. I promise!

So anyway, the supplier is going to send the original installer (as this pane was subcontracted out) back out to remove this pane, take it away and rectify it, then reinstall. Can't ask for better service than that!

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