Monday, October 8, 2012

The framing begins

Peter called yesterday to let me know that he may not be on site today after all, as he has another job in Tallarook which needs his attention. Not a big drama really, although it would have been good to know this ahead of time so I didn’t run around like a madman on Friday getting supplies organised. Never mind :)

So my priority today was to get stuck into the framing of the walls underneath the suspended slab, as these frames will form the basis of the propping we need, that being support under the coolroom panels at no greater than 1000mm intervals. Since the space between the walls is 2.7m in width, it turns out that my wall frames plus one other row of props will suffice nicely, at a 900mm spacing.

So as far as frames go, this is what I’m planning to get done:

Three individual frames, in between which we can place additional bearers and props to achieve the max. 1000mm span between supports.

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