Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preparation, preparation, preparation

The three P’s of building :)

We discussed a few weeks ago that Peter would assist with the boxing and set-up of the upper slab “in a couple of weeks”. I subsequently got an email on Tuesday in which Peter announced that he’d like to start on Monday next week.


This means that I’ve needed to organise everything necessary to prepare for the slab pour - sand, steel, plastic, edge insulation, form ply and the polystyrene cool room panels we’re using as in-situ insulated formwork for the suspended slab - all in a couple of days!

My preferred cool room panel supplier doesn’t have stock, so that means I have to pick up 6.0m panels myself from Melbourne, in addition to form ply and edge insulation. All on Friday, in addition to being on site to get the plumber started with the kitchen drain installation, and to take delivery of the sand & steel orders.

It’s going to be a craaaaazy day…

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