Friday, October 5, 2012

Panels sorted

After giving the sandwich panel vendor a serve over the phone for allowing my panels to be sold to someone else, they’ve come to the party. I gave them a list of the spans that I need, with the stipulation that I’m happy to accept supply of shorter panels but I am not paying extra for the offcut waste, since the 6.0m panels produced none whatsoever.

So in the end I’ve got a bundle of shorter panels which cover a larger area than I need, supplied for the same price as the longer ones. Happy with that, as it actually means fewer cuts and joins.

After much running around today I finally have all the materials I need to form up the upper slab!

I had plenty of help from Rhys throughout the day too, he helped unload every single panel from the trailer, then got busy cleaning up the space behind the rammed earth in preparation for framing over the weekend. Little champion!!

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