Sunday, October 7, 2012


The weather on Saturday was pretty awful, raining for much of the day which kept me from getting much of anything done. So, the first job on Sunday was to get the sand packed down on the upper slab pads in readiness for boxing up and the placement of the steel reinforcement later in the week.

I went from this:

.. to this:

With only two smallish pads to form up, this shouldn’t have taken all that long but in the end it occupied most of the day. Access using the bobcat was tricky, as the steel mesh delivery had been placed right in the way so I had to manoeuvre around over some very steep bits, holding my breath every time. But the real reason it took so long was because I still haven’t learned to think and measure twice before getting stuck in, and I’d levelled and packed down one pad, and half done the second before I realised that I hadn’t taken into account the thickness of the sandwich panels when calculating my final height, so I was 50mm short!

I got there in the end though, and it’s a good result so I’m happy with that.

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