Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not quite enough

Trench mesh is pretty much done, but it turns out I’ve short-ordered and we don’t have enough.  I think I didn’t take into account the amount of overlap we need.. oops!

We’ll pick up another couple of lengths in Seymour tomorrow, then we can get stuck into the slab mesh.  We’ve already dragged a couple of sheets onto the slab so we know whether or not we’ll need help — these things are SL81 (8mm bar in 100mm squares) and 100kg each so manhandling them into place is hard work, but possible with just the two of us.

So all we really need to do tomorrow is get the mesh into place, wire it together and get the bar chairs under it.  I’m glad now we’ve got the extra day.. I’d originally planned to have the set-up pretty much finished today.

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