Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back on track!!!

Peter, our architect and adult supervision found a replacement concreter at short notice, so it’s been full steam ahead getting ready for the pour on the 28th. Still lots to do beforehand, but it’s a short week with Oz Day so I can spend a couple of extra days on site. 

Friday we got started packing the sand on to the pads, to form them up for the concrete. 


We got about that far before realising that my trenches were not quite wide or straight enough for the 300-wide reo to fit with the required clearances. So we had to down tools and break out the crow bar, and widen every one of the trenches by hand! I have six blisters on one hand, two on my fingertips… 

But progress was made, and by the end of Saturday it looked like this: 


Another day on site today, and the pads are (almost) finished. 



Formwork gets built tomorrow, the last of the trenches widened and the last (small) pad packed. Then Thursday we lay the steel, with a day up our sleeve as a contingency before the pour on Saturday.

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