Friday, August 2, 2013

Two more days until Power!

After Nenad helped us roll the megatank up the hill, we got stuck into the last of the garage wiring. Nenad has now fitted everything off, and while he did that I worked on wiring up the battery bank.

This is what 76.8kWh looks like!

We also got the two inverters mounted, all ready to be wired in. There's about two more days of work before we can light up the garage - next week we'll get the solar panel mounts constructed and the panels in place, and then the week after we'll wire up the switchboards, inverters and batteries and flick the switch!

Since I'm not planning to line the garage walls (I may, but not before completion) just about all of the garage wiring within reach is protected by conduit. There's only one spot which isn't - there's about a thousand wires here as it's the entry point to the garage from the power room - and so this bit needed to be lined to provide mechanical protection to the wiring.

Just as well I've got my lining ply on site! :) I got my first glimpse into how the wall lining will look, and I'm loving it! Upstairs we plan to limewash the ply so the grain is still visible, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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