Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stairway to .. upstairs!

Made a start on the staircase today. My first job was to install the stair lights so that I can finish lining the battery room and we can power up the garage. Priorities!!

Next up - the brackets which will locate the stair treads. This side was pretty straightforward - coach screws into the ply and wall frame.

The other side into the rammed earth is a little more troublesome however. Here I'm chem-setting threaded rod into the wall, but as strong as it is in compression the rammed earth is very soft when compared to concrete. I'm using 12mm rod and so began drilling 14mm holes, as is the norm. However the concussion bit in the hammer drill ended up producing a 16mm hole as it wandered around! Not what I'm after at all.

I've ended up drilling a 10mm hole with a percussion bit and then enlarging that with a 12mm bit, which gives me more or less a 13-14mm hole. Perfect... if not a little challenging in the alignment department. I can see a little packing and wedging going on underneath the stair treads to get them perfectly level.

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