Friday, August 16, 2013

And the winners are...

Yes, it's a stair tread :)

There's a bit of a back story to how I came by these, but the short version is that a mate in Tallarook (hi Steve!) Alaskan-milled what we think is a grey box or ironbark over in Bendigo a few weeks ago, and offered the slabs to me for my stairs. What a legend!

I'm an impatient bugger sometimes, and so this first one I cut with my little cordless AEG circular saw. It had just enough cutting depth to get through the 55mm thick slabs, but it flattened two batteries to cut one tread. I've got my trusty old Triton 235mm circular saw which will eat them for breakfast, but it's a little bit fubar at the moment after being worked to the bone cutting the Hebel panels. I had it apart during the week to figure out what needs fixing, and it turns out it needs a whole new armature assembly which I now have on order. So the stair treads are going to have to wait until that's back in business.

These are some beautiful pieces of timber! The surfaces are straight off the chainsaw, would you believe!? I think I'll just hit them a bit with the belt sander, oil them and leave them at that.

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