Friday, January 4, 2013

The LAST of the trusses!

As planned Jared and I finished notching the log over the shipping container for the last few full trusses, and lifted the two remaining half trusses into place this morning.

With plenty of fixing and fiddling to do, it was 11am before we knew it and Peter arrived to help erect the last of the full trusses.

Like a well oiled machine, we had the remaining 5 full trusses up in next to no time (or more accurately, 2 hours - it took me at least an hour to erect each truss in the upper level by myself) and before you know it, we've got a garage!!!

Now, I've been looking at and tweaking my 3D model of the building for longer than I care to remember so the result today shouldn't be any surprise, but when that last truss went up and I stood back to look at the finished product, all I could say was a solitary "Wow"! I sit here now at nearly 9pm and looking at it, all I can think is "Wow!"


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