Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A couple of "bitsa" days

Not a great deal of forward progress the past two days. Mainly I've been busy stripping the bark from the bush poles, which is a slow process using a hatchet and lump hammer but with the first poles going up in the morning (!), today was spent clearing the slab for access and measuring, checking and measuring again to determine which logs are going to go where.

Part of deciding how to cut each pole depends on how straight they are in any one orientation. Determining this means turning them and checking with a straight edge, but how do you roll a 500kg log that doesn't want to move?

By tek-screwing a bloody big fulcrum to it! :)

I'm expecting to have Peter's help for the next two days, so hopefully we'll be able to get both post-and-beam frames erected. This will clear the way for the trusses to go up, which will keep me on schedule!

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