Friday, January 25, 2013

Final Hebel prep

So in between the excitement this morning I managed to finish installing the battens for the Hebel panels along the side of the garage, before Gareth and family arrived. Surprisingly the wall wrap had survived the week in the wind, with only two small sections having broken loose; easily repaired.

Unfortunately with Gareth's arrival we spent the rest of the afternoon setting up camp (there may or may not have been beer involved, but I choose not to incriminate myself your honour :) ) and so very little additional building progress was made.

One thing I did during the week though was to pick up some 50x50x6 SHS steel. I noticed a while ago that the attachment plate I have for the bobcat has a couple of "sockets" welded to it, into which a square towbar tongue fit perfectly and so I decided they'd be perfect for makeshift fork tynes.

And perfect they are - I can easily carry three 100kg Hebel panels around without stressing the forks even a little bit, which is going to make the weekend's work of heaving these things around much easier. Unfortunately the attachment plate is 4' wide itself, so the tynes don't fit into a standard shipping pallet :(

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