Friday, January 25, 2013

How not to start your weekend

I was finishing my prep for this weekend's Hebel installation this morning, when I heard what sounded like a truck, or a car with a cage trailer coming down the main road - but then the noise stopped abruptly. That didn't sound right...

I jumped into the Hilux and trekked out to the road to investigate, and found this:

The road was strewn with debris and the four late-teen / early-twentysomething occupants were milling around the roadside dazed, one on the phone to the ambo's. One of the girls had a tourniquet on her elbow, hiding a nice 20c-sized gash but not bleeding much, and incredibly none of the others had any serious injuries, thanks to their seat belts.

I dashed back to the house site to fetch the medical kit and cleaner her wound up a bit, and very shortly thereafter a small army of police, ambulances and a tow truck descended.

Apparently the driver was doing "no more than 50km/h" around the bend, when the rear of the Hilux got away from him, he overcorrected, caught the embankment and barrel rolled along the road and down the hill. Now I know the road is quite rutted at the moment, but my Hilux is quite capable of 50km/h around that bend without spitting me off into the bush...

In any case, the four of them were incredibly lucky to escape without serious injury.

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