Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As the winter has finally begun giving way to spring, the weather is starting to improve and I’ll be able to get more real progress made on site. Since it’s nearly the middle of September (where does the time go!?) I’m going to need to get organised before the Christmas rush.

Here’s what I’m planning to get done between now and then:

  1. Dig the trenches for the upper slab-on-ground. Now that I have the site excavated, I should be able to make a start on these this coming weekend all going well. I picked up a rotating level during the week too, so I’ll also be able to see how bad a job I did of the levelling :)

  2. Form up the slab-on-ground, and place and wire the steel reo mesh.

  3. Acquire, place and prop the insulated sandwich panels which I’ll be using as base formwork for the suspended slab, between the slab-on-ground and rammed-earth wall.

  4. Build forms around the base suspended formwork and retaining wall to contain the concrete, and place and wire the steel for this slab.

  5. Pour the concrete for the slab-on-ground and suspended slab, in one go.

In amongst that lot I also need to calculate how much framing timber I’m going to need to erect the frames and then order it, as I’m planning to get this done over the Christmas break. Rather than make our usual annual pilgrimage to Brisbane to see family, I’m going to spend this year framing. Can’t wait! :)

In addition to that, I need to order the roof trusses too - if I wait until after Christmas to order them, I’ll be waiting until March before I can get them up. I’m planning (hoping) to get close to lock-up by then, so I’ll also need the roofing materials, doors and windows done as well. Not to mention erecting the Hebel panels which we already have on site (an eBay bargain earlier in the year)…

So it’s going to be a busy few months, if not the actual work of building then planning, calculating, and ordering!

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