Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back in the rock breaking business

I was at the swimming centre with the boys earlier in the week, and was asking around if anyone knew a good welder.

Turns out the father of one of the employees (Hi Sam!) has an engineering workshop locally, hidden away in a back street. So I paid them a visit and a couple of days later the rock breaker attachment plate is all welded up nice and strong, plated over where it’s broken. It’s unlikely to break again :)

So I’m meeting the plumber on site tomorrow to plan out the drains in the slab, then I’ll dig the rest of the foundation trenches. I’m planning to have the earthworks finished this weekend, wish me luck!

I’ve also been beavering away feverishly in SketchUp, putting the finishing touches on my truss detail so I can place the order for them. I’ve pretty much got the spec drawn up, so with any luck I can place the order in the next week or two.

The other imperative is to buy the polystyrene sandwich panels I’m planning to use as formwork for the suspended slab, and the associated form ply and timber I’ll need in order to prop them for the pour. As with everything else, I’ll draw up the formwork and props in SketchUp first. Stay tuned! :)

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