Friday, September 7, 2012

A-digging we shall go

It’s really, really good having the bobcat back up and running again - I can finally get some productive work done on the build :)

I spent most of the day today with the backhoe attached, excavating out the hillside in preparation for digging the trenches for the slab. The machine is working really well, and it now appears that the failure was a blessing in disguise - while up to my elbows in bobcat guts I adjusted the brakes on the side I was fixing, and they’ve been an absolute necessity while digging on the hill. I could have operated safely (carefully) without them, but having confidence that the thing won’t move unless I tell it to makes the job much easier.

After the best part of a day, I’ve pretty much completed the bulk of the excavation:

There’s still a little earth to move from the cutting which I’ve just loosened and piled up given my limited reach with the backhoe, but I’m calling it a day a little early - there’s a minor exhaust leak in the engine bay which really needs to be fixed, and prolonged exposure to the (admittedly dilute, given the wind) fumes is giving me signs of nausea, which is warning enough that it’s time to stop.

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