Monday, April 15, 2013

Hebel'd Gables

Last weekend saw the beginning of the end of the Hebel installation. I cannot say I will be sorry to see this part of the build finished...

For quite a while I muddled over how I was going to get the Hebel panels installed up high on the gable ends of the roof, before I realised I've been staring at the solution in all its yellow glory all along. With the forks on the bobcat and a platform constructed out of form ply and pine, propped with a sturdy pine frame I can lift the Hebel up to the gable and stand on the platform to install them easily. It really is quite stable and safe.

The panels fairly flew up, and in the space of a couple of hours I had one end of the garage all done (save for the little end bits, which I have to measure in situ). I'm using a strip of 10mm expansion joint foam between the wall and gable panels, and leaving a 10mm x 10mm gap to fill with fire-proof polyurethane sealant. This gives me a good control joint to allow the roof panels to move slightly, independently of the wall.

With daylight fast fading (so long, Daylight Savings.. I'll miss you) and the last of my Hebel adhesive going off it was a bit of a race getting the other end of the garage done, but I made it with about 5 minutes of discernible daylight left.

That just leaves one gable end to go, which (not coincidentally) is the most awkward to reach with the bobcat.

I must remember to pick up some more Hebel adhesive during the week, or it's going to be a pretty unproductive weekend...

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