Monday, April 8, 2013

An update on the windows

Early last week I met with the door and window suppliers, to discuss the specifics of the project and to go over the drawings and measurements. I'm really glad we met, as there were a few details I'd not thought of and we were able to compensate for my .. ahem .. errors shall we say in the dwelling frame without additional expense. Expense which I definitely would have had to incur had the windows been supplied as per the nominal specification...

In any case, after forking over the thick end of twenty grand, we have a delivery date scheduled for the frames: April 26th, or a little under three weeks from now! :)

I'll aim to get the frames installed that weekend so that the following week the sashless glazing supplier can visit to measure up on-site, and then 10 days or so later they'll return to install the glass!

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I will still have two sets of doors to construct myself - the double garage "barn" doors and the pump room door, both of which I will fabricate myself onsite. These will be a sandwich construction around a SHS steel frame, with galvanised steel facing on the outside, a layer of Anticon insulation blanket and then finished with plywood internally. This more-or-less matches the roof construction which is rated for BAL-FZ, and so the doors will comply without requiring additional shutters or screens.

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