Sunday, December 23, 2012

Too bloody hot!

It's been a bit of a bitsa day today with the heat. I made a very early start to get the best of the day, and managed to get all of my bottom plate holes drilled and cleaned, the allthread rod cut to length, and that chem-set into the holes all before it got too hot.

At this point I ran out of chem-set and realised that I don't have enough nuts and washers to secure all the framing, so I made the best of the heat and jumped in the Hilux for a trip to Bunnings, the only place within an hour which would be open on a Sunday.

While I was there I bought myself a Christmas present, a little AEG cordless circular saw (which happily takes the same batteries as my cordless drill). I put this to work when I got back to cut slots into the internal wall frames in order to install the angle bracing. I can't explain how good it is to NOT fire up the generator to use a power tool! :)

So the current state of play is that I have all my walls braced and secured to the slab, the upper storey trusses installed, braced and strapped down and all my ducks aligned to begin erecting the bush pole frames to support the garage trusses. I'll take a break for a couple of days for Christmas, then it's full steam ahead with the poles and garage trusses!

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