Friday, December 28, 2012

Back into it

After a few days away from the site with the family, I'm semi-reluctantly back into it today. To warm back into the swing of things, I did a bit of a site cleanup and a tip run, then a big supermarket shop to stock up for the week ahead.

The esky box I made up out of cool room panel off cuts does the job nicely - there was still some ice in there after 4 or so days away, so I'm in little danger of a warm cider at all. Oh, and fresh veggies should be easy too, but they're less important :)

One actual real job I managed today was to cut up the 150x100x10 steel angle lintel I had left over into 100mm lengths, to use as anchors for the bush poles. These will be bolted firmly to the slab, and I'll make a chainsaw slot cut into the end of each post so that they slot over the steel angle, anchoring the pole to the slab and preventing any chance of shear movement at the base (they'll be prevented from tipping when they're fixed to the trusses).

My first attempt at cutting this steel the other day was with the chop saw and angle grinder - slooooow going, and hard on the cutting discs. So with the total fire ban day behind me, I broke out the oxy set and taught myself to cut with it. Pretty successful I must say, and much, much easier work than the grinder! :)

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