Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last of the trusses

With the promised heat, I made a (very) early start today and got the last two trusses up pretty quickly, then spent the rest of the morning fixing everything off permanently - bottom chord ties, truss noggs, internal wall ties and started on the cyclone ties to stop the whole thing flying off with the wind :)

It's now beginning to feel like a very stiff structure, even without the speedbrace installed on the trusses!

I'm pretty happy with how it's all gone so far - no major hiccups at all, and I'm especially pleased with how accurately the trusses have lined up - there's been no more than a few millimetres under- or overhang at the top plates, and I've been able to pull that in pretty easily when fixing them off. The result is a beautifully crisp and straight roof line which I'm sure will look awesome when the tin goes on :)

The plan this week is to gear up for the couple of weeks I'll spend on site over the Christmas break - I plan to completely frame the garage, erect the bush pole frames and get the garage trusses up and the whole thing ready for inspection. I want to keep the timber out of the weather as much as possible, so I'm aiming to get the roof on and the Hebel installed as soon as I can.

Now, if only we are able to dodge the bushfire bullet before I can get to lock up.. it's promising to be a serious year for fire - a pretty major fire broke out just on the other side of the Tallarook ranges on Saturday night, but thankfully the wind sent it north, not south. Had it come south, things may have been worrying...

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