Thursday, August 2, 2012

To dig, or not to dig?

That is indeed the question. It’s been a relatively dry week if very cold this week, so I’m taking the opportunity of getting the rest of the backfill pebble delivered tomorrow while the ground is dry and I’m in little danger of bogging another truckie.

The question though is whether or not I’ll be able to start the excavations for the upper slab-on-ground. It’s going to be fun if the ground is still as soft as it was last week, and even with a machine as manoeuvrable as the bobcat there’s not a great deal of room to move.

Still, if I’ve learned one thing during the project thus far it’s that I really must take advantage of the weather when it presents an opportunity, if I’m to stay anywhere near my schedule… so I suppose that means I dig! :)

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