Saturday, August 4, 2012

A-digging we will go

So with fine (albeit cold) weather on the weekend I got set up to start excavating the hillside pad for the upper slab-on-ground.

The first job was setting it all out - measuring, pegging, measuring again, repegging.. it took all day Friday but I finally have the site set out and all my levels marked.

What made the set out a little more challenging is the fact that the hillside slopes in two directions relative to the slab, so it’s not a simple matter of measuring a rectangle on the ground and cutting it out. If I want to maintain a level pad in which to dig the foundations for the slab, the cut needs to be made on an odd angle. I had anticipated this having drawn the cutting in Sketchup, but naturally the actual slope of the hill varies somewhat from my model and so it came down to measuring the level with a string line until I found the right line.

If I had ready access to a rotating laser level this job would be much easier, but I don’t so it’s being done the old fashioned way :)

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