Saturday, August 4, 2012


Uh-oh… that didn’t sound good.

Digging on the side of the hill as I am has been a bit of a fight against gravity. as I’m digging downhill the backhoe bucket tends to pull the machine towards the excavation, so I’m constantly backing up a little, or at least trying to. The ground is still pretty soft so it’s difficult getting traction, but it’s been manageable… until now.

Something just broke in the guts of the bobcat, and I’ve got no drive on the right hand side. The engine and hydraulics are still working fine, but the T-bar steering control is giving me nasty graunchy feedback to go along with a similar sound from the chain case on the right.

I reckon I’ve broken a drive chain :(

This is going to be fun. There’s nobody local who I can bring in to fix this, and although I’m quite mechanically minded and work on my own cars, I’ve never had to work on anything quite this big and all of my tools are somewhat smaller than I need for this.

Oh, and its position is a bit of a hazard, too…

With the functioning hydraulics I do have the ability to use the backhoe stabilisers to lift the front of the machine up off the ground and somewhat level, so all is not lost. I have the service manuals for the machine, so with some study I should be able to find my way into the chain case and investigate.

So if it’s not the weather causing a delay, it’s something else…

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