Friday, July 13, 2012


So, this tanking membrane…

… isn’t dry yet!!

It’s been a week, and I’ve arrived on site to find that there are still relatively large patches which are still wet. These are mainly below the level of the hillside, and (probably not coincidentally) the work platform on the other side of the wall shades this lower part from whatever little sun graces us with its presence. Oh, and someone’s put a dirty great big rammed earth wall in the way of the sun too.

The nett result of all this is that I can’t apply the second coat, which is what I had planned to get done this weekend. !@#!@& !!!

Just to add icing to the cake, the guys supplying the gravel I’m using to backfill the retaining wall called off their delivery, as neither of their drivers want to attempt to get back out of our site when it’s this wet. Can’t say I blame them, and if I can’t get the tanking membrane finished then there’s no point delivering the backfill anyway. Damn!!

Anyway, I’ve spoken with the coating supplier and they’ve advised that it will cure properly, it just needs heat. Their application notes do mention that the membrane shouldn’t be applied in temperatures below 8ºC or with impending rain, but last weekend provided neither of those. Soo, I’ve gotta find some way of heating this bloody wall… the sun’s not going to cooperate.

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