Sunday, April 15, 2012

No work today.

Well, that’s not completely accurate…

There was lots of work done today, just none of it on our place :)

While my footing for the test rammed earth wall is curing, I can’t really do any more major works as I have the formwork largely completed with just minor assembly to do.

So, with fortuitous timing our Tallarook neighbours Craig & Bec are putting in an in-ground trampoline for their 4 (very soon to be 5) boys, so naturally I offered the services of Bob’s Catting to do the digging.

It took most of the day, but we managed to dig a hole about 5m long x 3m wide x 1.2m deep, and dug and placed footings for the trampoline frame. A good workout for the machine, as it had been sitting idle for a little while and really needs to be used in order to stay in shape (sounds familiar…)

So next weekend I finally get to start ramming some earth :D

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