Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So, do I trust it?

This is the big question going through my mind this week. How much do I trust the compressor not to fail if I attempt another wall panel this weekend?

I’ve got to get up to the site on Friday anyway, to strip the forms from the finished panel and reset for the next one, since I have to have the steel reinforcement inspected for each one (crazy, they’re all the same - and why would I want to take a shortcut?) and need to give them notice, so that’s booked in for Friday arvo.

But do I trust the compressor?

The short answer is no, but what choice do I have but to press on? It seemed to run reliably enough once it was dragged out of the shipping container into the cool evening air, but how will it like putting in a solid 10 hour day? I have no idea.

Only one way to find out, I suppose. I’m not about to run the thing for hours on end just to test it, so I’ll be back into the ramming at first light on Saturday. If I’m going to have a shred of a chance of keeping this project anywhere near on target, I’ll just have to plough on and hope for the best.

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