Monday, October 14, 2013

Back by popular demand! :)

I have to apologise for being away from the blog for so long. The past few weeks have been .. crazy with life getting in the way!

I managed to spend a whole week on site during the first week of the school holidays... with all three boys! And so naturally I got very, very little building done :(

We do however have the first seal coat on the ground concrete floor, and it looks sensational!

I couldn't be happier with the result, it's easily better than I thought it would be.

In other news, I installed a very important piece of equipment:

Not that I watch very much TV, mind you (who has the time!?).. but I was instructed in no uncertain terms that I had to have the NRL finals available when my brother and father came to visit.

Not to mention:

But with the power on, why chill beer like an animal!?

Not content with cold beer and a TV, we also got busy finishing the installation of the solar hot water service. We've got 30 tubes feeding a 270L storage tank, and after one whole day with only partial sun, the tank reported 45ÂșC. Not bad! So good in fact we've left the gas booster unit switched off.

Which reminds me, we've also got the gas (bottle) on! Not that we really need it just yet, as we don't have a kitchen in yet and the solar hot water seems to be doing a pretty good job all by itself, but it's done and ready.

So with all that hot water and no way to really use it...

Let's line the bathroom!

I'm using ply in the areas which won't see much water, and cement sheet in the shower, sealed with a tanking membrane.

All I need now is a shower head and a screen, and we can have a hot shower!!

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