Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mmm, stairs

The new armature assembly arrived for my Triton circular saw last week, and so with a new set of bearings it's back together and stronger than ever. So without delay, it's into the stairs!

I've decided that the chainsaw finish on the treads is so good, and being that these are stair treads and could do with a little texture for grip, that I'm not going to sand or plane them at all. All I've done is given them a coat of linseed oil thinned with turps for penetration, and voila!

How good to they look!? :)

Ultimately I think I'll enclose the treads, as they currently only just meet the requirement that a 125mm ball not pass between them, and I'm sure there'll be the odd one or two that fail that test by a millimetre or two. So I'll use offcuts from my wall ply and fill in the risers, which should give a nice contrast to the rich red of the timber.

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